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3 Common Uses for Cranes

Cranes are extremely useful bits of kit that can be very beneficial in a range of different situations, but what are their most common uses? Thankfully this guide aims to explain just that, so if you’d like to learn more about some of the most common uses of cranes, then simply read on.

Cranes on a dock


Teams that manufacture products often use overhead cranes to move heavy items from one location to another. For example, jib cranes are often mounted over workstations at manufacturing facilities where larger products need to be assembled, as you can then attach the crane to any heavy or bulky items so that you can easily and safely navigate them around their workstation or even move them to different locations nearby.

This will of course help to minimise strain on the workers, as well as reducing the chances of having an accident or falling victim to an injury while working with heavy, impracticable or bulky parts. Generally speaking, a crane is extremely beneficial for those who are working inside the manufacturing industry.


Another common use for a crane is warehousing, as they can be used to move large, awkwardly shaped and extremely weighty items from one place to another in a low risk manner. Whether you need to haul big items in from your docking area or have to prepare bulky items for shipping, a crane is generally going to be the most efficient type of equipment you can choose utilise.

In comparison to a machine like a forklift which will require pathways that are wide enough to manoeuvre through, therefore limiting the available storage space, a crane actually does all of the work overhead instead. This means that the whole floorspace can be utilised for warehousing and storage without the need for paths every few feet. Cranes are so helpful for warehousing, and can aid you in saving space and time.

Shipping & Ports

It’s very common to find cranes at ports being used for shipping, as they are some of the strongest machines that are able to take the strain of the very heavy loads that need to be transported onto each ship. You can also expect to find cranes in use at commercial rail stations too, as they load carriages with goods to be sent elsewhere. Using a crane to assist you with your shipping or delivery efforts can help you to cut down the time it takes to send big, bulky or heavy items from A to B, and you minimise the risk of damage to whatever you are shipping when you can take the opportunity to utilise the most suitable machinery during every step of the journey.

Cranes have so many different uses, so it’s easy to appreciate exactly why they are so popular. If you need a crane for your business and would like to discover more about how you can gain access to the best cranes available, contact the friendly team here at Crane and Lifting Services today. As well as providing quality cranes, we also offer servicing and maintenance to help you keep your existing equipment in great working condition.

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