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5 Dangerous Jobs That Require Height and Safety Equipment

Ever wondered which careers require a strong stomach and secure safety equipment? Careers that work at height tick both of these boxes with ease. Working at height is not for the faint of heart, and can be risky, particularly where power tools are involved. Read on to learn five dangerous roles that require height and safety equipment

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Window Cleaner

You may not think a window cleaner would be a somewhat dangerous role. When you consider windows outside of a domestic setting, however, you realise how frequently they appear in reality. Many skyscrapers with modern designs are covered in glass, making it necessary to have them routinely cleaned. To do so, a window cleaner will need to be equipped with safety lifting gear, helping them to clean the tallest buildings safely.

Bridge Maintenance Team Member

Bridges may seem precarious at the best of times, but they do also require cleaning. We aren’t talking about small and idyllic local bridges. We’re talking about large metal bridges that regularly have both vehicles and pedestrians traverse them. To take care of these, bridge workers and contractors require secure height and safety equipment, to make sure they can safely carry out their work. Cherry pickers and hydraulic jacks may also be used, to prevent extreme risks to staff.

Tree Surgeon

Even in a domestic setting height and safety equipment is still a need in some roles. One of these careers is a tree surgeon, otherwise known as an employee who prunes, maintains and fells large trees in our gardens. Tree surgeons should always be equipped with body equipment from a trusted harness supplier, to make sure their safety equipment is up to code. They also require eye protection, gloves, and other personal protective equipment, as danger goes beyond height when working with trees.

Specialist Electrician

Similar to a window cleaner, an electrician may not be the first role that comes to mind when thinking about roles that work at height. There are several tasks, however, that require a specialist hand. Streetlights, for example, regularly have their bulbs go out, requiring someone to fix them. Many large light-up signs on the exterior of supermarkets also require specific attention from specialist electricians. To do so, they need high-quality safety lifting gear.

Roller Coaster Engineer

When our favourite and fastest roller coasters break, how can they safely be fixed? This is exactly where specialised engineers and maintenance staff come in. Employees with this job title will be required to work at height, fixing small errors to structural issues. The tasks will require both skill and vigorous training, making it a difficult role beyond the height.

How We Can Help

At Crane and Lifting Services Ltd, we provide expert advice and supplies to the roles above and more. We know high-quality height and safety equipment is vital when carrying out dangerous tasks, which is why we work hard to provide our services to the Cardiff area and beyond. From selling cranes to offering overhead gantry crane training, we can help your team become well-equipped throughout the hardest of tasks.


Visit our website or get in touch with our team to learn more about how we can help you.

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