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5 Signs You Should Get Your Crane Checked Immediately

Purchasing a crane can revolutionise the way your company operates by increasing efficiency and unnecessary strain. To keep your crane performing as it should, it’s vital to get your crane checked if something doesn’t seem quite right.


Read on for some signs to get your crane checked quickly.

crane hook

Loose Parts

One obvious telltale sign that you ought to have your crane checked as soon as possible is if you detect loose parts. Any unexplained rattling sounds while your crane is being operated will generally suggest that something has come unattached from where it should be. You might also find loose screws, indicating they have come loose. Should this be the case, it’s vital to have your crane checked for problems by experienced crane engineers.

Hook Damage

As the main extremity of your crane, the hook should be closely monitored for any signs of damage. If a load-bearing hook is not routinely checked, you risk the hook snapping or breaking while carrying a heavy item. While no one should be walking beneath a crane that is lifting or dropping items, the unexpected drop of cargo is risky and can cause damage and injuries. To prevent this scenario, ensure you employ load testing services to learn the health of your crane hook.

Pedal Problems

As with any motor vehicle, pedal issues are something to be wary of. Cranes should have fully operating brakes to prevent accidents in the event of an emergency, so if the brake pedal feels different or is emitting a peculiar noise have it checked as soon as possible. Different types of cranes are likely to have different pedals, so it’s important to understand what is right and wrong for your specific crane. Obtain the advice of professional crane engineers for the best guidance and repairs.

Damaged Wires

Any electrician will tell you that damaged wires are not a good sign. From toasters to coaches, wiring should be kept safely stored away from where it can be damaged. The same is true for your crane. Damage to wires can inhibit the function of a crane, as well as increasing the risk of electrical fires and electrocution. Make sure to have any integral wires checked as part of regular crane inspections.

Strange Noises

Peculiar sounds are not usually a good sign. Cranes and other heavy machinery typically make a large amount of noise, but this shouldn’t be a bad sign on its own. It’s most often an abrupt change in the sounds or a sudden increase in the amount being emitted. This is an issue that needs to be checked immediately, so contact your local crane engineers quickly.

How We Can Help

If you are worried about your crane and how it is operating, Crane and Lifting Services Ltd can provide top-quality repairs and checks on cranes across the UK. We offer 24-hour crane repair callouts, meaning serious delays in your work can be prevented. To detect any issues before they become serious, we can also perform crane inspections and load testing services.


Visit our website to learn more about our services, or get in touch to speak with our friendly and experienced team.

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