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A Guide to Height Safety Equipment

There can be hazards in any workplace, but working at height presents a particular set of challenges. It’s essential to ensure that all employees are safe when working at height and employers also need to be compliant with health and safety laws.

Height safety equipment and training is the best way to protect employees and ensure that you stay compliant with the law, and there are a range of systems to choose from. If you’re planning a project that involves working at height, see below for our brief guide to the height safety equipment you need.

Height wire systems

This equipment is often used if guardrails are not suitable (although it’s usually best practice to use both). Height wire systems allow the user to glide over brackets, without the need to detach and reattach the line. There are often several fixed anchor points to allow workers to move around a roof area. Some height wire systems use shorter lines to prevent a user from reaching an unsafe area (e.g a roof edge).

Fall arrest systems

Fall arrest systems are designed to give maximum freedom of movement, while offering protection if a fall should occur. They consist of a harness, anchor, connectors and a lifeline that will absorb most of the impact if a fall should occur. These systems also prevent workers from hitting the ground or surface below, minimising the risk of serious injury.

Safety line systems

Horizontal safety line systems are one of the most common and they’re often designed for two or three workers to use at one time. Safety line systems use anchors, lanyards and a full body harness, while allowing workers to move around the structure freely. Proper training is essential when using any type of height safety equipment and all employees must be fully trained before starting work.

If you’re in need of reliable height safety equipment, get in touch with the experts at Crane & Lifting Services Ltd. We’re proud to offer a range of safety equipment, including height wire systems, fall arrest systems and safety line systems. We can also provide the latest training to help you comply with all legislation. For more information about our height safety equipment or training courses, don’t hesitate to give us a call or contact us online.

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