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A Guide to Three Types of Crane Designs and Their Uses

Selecting the right crane for your needs can feel overwhelming, but we can assure you it doesn’t need to be. In this article, we will cover three popular types of cranes in use at the moment, as well as delving into how our team at Crane and Lifting Services can be of assistance.

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Dockside Cranes

Large and towering, dockside cranes are a specialist type of heavy-duty machinery. These cranes come in a variety of sizes, adapted depending on the intended use. For modern use, however, these cranes are largely imposing and heavy structures, built to load weighty containers on and off of ships. These cranes are affixed to the ground, as they generally need not be moved while keeping them protected from the elements.


These cranes are generally used outside to make loading and unloading goods much easier. The main cab of the crane is located far from the ground to ensure it is space-saving while efficient.

Single and Double Girder Cranes

Girder cranes are versatile and adaptive designs for cranes. These cranes consist of different amounts of what are known as crane girders, which are steel beams that give a platform for the crane to move. A crane with only one crane girder is known as a single girder crane, whereas a crane with two crane girders is known as a double girder crane.


The difference between single and double girder cranes can generally be determined by what their intended use is. Single girder cranes are often cheaper, more accessible, and with quicker installation. It can fit in compact and narrow spaces easily too. A double girder crane, on the other hand, is much better for a higher hook height and can lift much heavier loads easily, with fewer limits on capacity. Double girder cranes are also fantastic for outdoor use, whereas single girder cranes are more often found indoors.

Underslung Cranes

Ideal for factories and other spaces that require clear floor space, underslung cranes run on beams that are suspended from the roof of a building. They provide a high level of manoeuvrability, as well as many additional safety features. Underslung cranes have become very popular for indoor factory use due to their versatility.


While underslung cranes are fantastic for space-saving, they do have their limitations. As their dimensions are often more compact, many have a smaller load capacity than other cranes. Adjustments and additions to an underslung crane can be made to increase its capacity, however, it is worth considering when it is right for your needs.

What We Do

For professional and trusted crane engineers in the Cardiff area, look no further than Crane and Lifting Services Ltd. Providing services throughout the UK, we offer our customers a comprehensive range of crane care services, from crane installations to overhead gantry crane training. We also offer repair and maintenance services, to keep your crane in its best shape.


Visit our website to learn more about our cranes and services, or get in touch with our friendly team.

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