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A Mini Guide to Crane Maintenance Services

Fully operating cranes are central to a project running smoothly so their maintenance is extremely important. This guide outlines why it’s important to have your cranes inspected and maintained from an economic, health and safety, and efficiency point of view. It also explains exactly what checks, tests, inspections and surveys are involved in these services, as well as where you ought to go to get your crane maintained if you’re based in the UK.

Why Are Crane Maintenance Services Important?

Cranes aren’t only pillars of the construction industry; they’re also important for industrial complexes, manufacturing, marine applications, shipbuilding and various forms of material loading. Depending on the nature of the problem, faulty cranes and accidents will interfere with your business operations, leaving them running at a reduced capacity.

Not to mention that cranes are very large pieces of equipment and the safety of your employees, assets, products and belongings depend on their proper maintenance. It’s also worth noting that crane maintenance services are well worth the upfront cost as it’s effectively made back over time. You won’t require costly last-minute repairs or cause any maintenance-related accidents in the near future, which will lead to insurance claims. Lastly, a properly maintained crane works at its fullest potential which increases the efficiency of your operations.

What’s Involved With Crane Maintenance Services?

Provided you opt for a reputable company like Crane & Lifting Services Ltd, the first thing to note is that all maintenance is completed by fully trained and well-experienced crane engineers. This experience and knowledge is used to carry out:

● Load tests

● Lubrication of wire ropes

● Visual inspection of the crane and gantry

● Brake adjustments

● Gantry surveys

● Wear reports of moving parts like gears, brakes and wheels

● Any appropriate crane modifications

● Safety equipment checks like hook catch limits and fall arrest systems

These engineers will also be able to provide advice on any aspects of cranes and lifting equipment more broadly. It’s important that as well as having your cranes maintained, you’re also well informed as to how they work and how best to look after them. This way, you’ll require maintenance services less frequently in the future.

Where Should I Get My Crane Maintained?

Given the importance of having cranes thoroughly inspected by professional engineers, it’s not a job to be done by anyone who isn’t properly trained and qualified. For this reason, it’s generally a good idea to ask for reviews and testimonials from prospective maintenance service companies to determine how reliable they’ll be.

If you’re searching for ‘crane services near me’ then you’ll want to get in touch with us here at Crane & Lifting Services Ltd. Our 24-hour, 7 days per week operation provides crane maintenance surveys across all of the UK. Whether it’s for installation help, repairs, testing, maintenance, training, height safety equipment, or anything in between, we have you covered.

If you have any further questions then don’t hesitate to get in touch with us by calling 01446 700 945 today!

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