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Choosing The Right Crane For Your Project

Updated: Mar 14, 2023

Lifting cranes are used a lot more now than they used to be because technology has improved. Powerful lifting cranes are needed for almost all building and tearing down projects as well as for moving or shipping heavy materials. But the success of your project will depend on which one you choose. Doing so will also keep accidents and damage from happening, saving you time and money and making you known as a safe place to work.

Cranes come in many different types, which is a good thing. There are many kinds of cranes, each for a specific job. But there are so many to choose from that it can be hard, especially for a beginner, to pick the right one.

Here are some tips to help you choose the right crane for your project.

Heavy duty crane

Test The Weight Of The Load

One of the first things you need to consider is how much you want to move or lift with the crane. To move the load, you need a crane with enough lifting power. Using a big crane to move a small load will probably waste time, money, and effort. On the other hand, a crane that is

not strong enough can cause death and damage the load. Before lifting anything, you should use load testing to ensure your equipment is capable of lifting what you need.

Plan The Lift Height

Just as important as how much weight the crane can lift is how high the load is. How long the crane's boom needs to be will depend on how high the load needs to go. If the building is going up straight, you will need a lift with a longer boom.

Also, you will have to look at the weather, especially the wind. The load is more likely to be moved by the wind if the lift height is high, which could cause an accident. You will also have to change the counterweight amount based on the lift's height. A tower crane is usually the best choice when the lift height needs to be higher.

Figure out how far you are going

In the same way that the crane will have to move up and down, it will also have to move side to side to pick up the load. Get a mobile crane with wheels if you need to move the equipment from one place to another. You can use a crane with rails to move something along a fixed path.

Look at the terrain on-site.

All cranes need a support structure to keep them from falling over. It is the most important part of keeping the crane and the load steady. So, you will have to choose the right crane for the terrain.

If the ground is not even, you will have to choose the width of the support carefully. You should use rough-terrain cranes if the ground is rough, as it usually is on off-road construction sites.

Truck-mounted cranes are the best way to move around and stay stable on flat, solid ground.

You also need to look at the weather, like how windy, rainy, snowy, or hot it is. For example, if it rains a lot, you will need to work on a muddy surface, so you will need to choose a rough-terrain crane.

No matter your project, using the correct equipment and providing proper training to your staff is essential. Here at Crane & Lifting Services, we have a wealth of experience in crane repair, maintenance, testing and installation.

Get in touch with us today to discuss your requirements; we’re always happy to help.

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