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Getting The Most From Your Crane: A Quick Guide

Updated: Jan 18, 2023

Cranes are used in a variety of industries and are incredibly useful for many projects. Most people are familiar with construction cranes that tower into the sky, but cranes of a smaller size are increasingly common.

The reason that crane services are so popular is that they can lift things safely and securely, making projects that would otherwise be impossible far more viable. They are used in construction, as well as for moving and shipping heavy objects and materials.

As you’d expect, there are a variety of different types of cranes to match these different projects. Choosing the right crane for the job is a vital part of making sure things run smoothly, as well as ensuring that your crane is looked after.

Overhead crane

Regular Crane Repairs and Maintenance

Your crane is an essential and expensive part of your equipment, and many projects would grind to a standstill if the crane is out of service. Because of this, you need to keep on top of any necessary crane repairs and keep the crane well maintained.

A well-maintained crane will run more efficiently and smoothly, making the job much easier. However, a crane that isn’t looked after might be unsafe to use, as it can malfunction without warning. This can lead to disasters on the site, resulting in a damaged crane, damaged materials, and even injuries or loss of life.

Qualified Crane Operators

Not just anyone can jump into a crane and expect to use it safely and effectively. You need to ensure that a qualified and well-trained crane operator is on-site to use the crane. Crane companies offer training for construction workers and other employees to help them to be able to safely operate a crane.

If the crane operator knows what they’re doing, then you can be assured that the materials will be lifted and moved safely. Cranes can be dangerous pieces of equipment if used incorrectly, resulting in huge expenses.

A trained crane operator can also notice any potential issues with the crane. If they flag a problem, then it’s important to get it checked out and repaired by crane services.

The Right Crane For the Job

Not every crane is created equally, and some cranes are more or less appropriate for the project at hand. Depending on the weight of the load and the conditions on-site, you might need a different size or type of crane.

You also don’t necessarily need to get the largest crane for every job. Using a large crane with a lot of lifting power for a small load is impractical and expensive. Some crane designs are better for different terrains or wind conditions as well, so always bear this in mind.

Crane and lifting services can help you to determine what type of crane you will need, as well as how much lifting power is appropriate. It will be beneficial to consider whether to purchase or hire a crane, depending on how much you use it.

Crane and Lifting Services

Here at Crane and Lifting services, we have been proudly serving Barry, London, Bristol, Cardiff and beyond with reliable repairs and installation for over 100 years.

Contact us today to discuss your requirements.

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