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Different Methods For Staying Safe At Height

Staying safe at height has long been one of the core concerns of any project. From workers constructing a new building to window washers reaching for high spots, it is essential to stay safe and secure when up high.


Read on to discover some of the various methods for staying safe at height.

Working at height

Common Height & Safety Equipment


One of the core ways to stay safe when working at height is railings. With railings, even if a person potentially slips, they will fall against a solid railing instead of off a ledge. They are an easy way to stay safe as they don’t require any extra training or equipment - they simply need to be there to help keep people safe.

Use A Fall Arrest System

A fall arrest system is a great way to stay safe when at height. It is essentially a full-body harness that you are able to secure when working at height. This means that even if a person does accidentally stumble or fall, the system will be able to catch you. Different harnesses have different benefits, so shop around to find the best solution. For example, you might need a specific material if you’re welding or working with a large amount of heat.


You need to couple this with the correct safety lanyard. This is the webbing, cable or other material that attaches the fall arrest system to a specific anchor point. You need to think about the length you need, as well as whether you need shock absorption or a number of other factors.

Pick The Best Method For Working At Height

Stay safe by picking the right method for working at height. While a ladder might seem like a good solution when you’re not far off the ground, a scaffold is always a more durable and therefore safer choice. If you need to use a ladder, ensure you follow the correct safety protocols to stay secure on it.

Regular Inspections Of Equipment

With everything that we’ve mentioned above, you can’t just expect it to constantly be working and safe. You need to regularly inspect everything. We recognise doing this annually at least, but probably more regularly depending on how much you use them. Everything should also be checked before each use, especially things that could mean the difference between staying safe and a serious injury.

Height & Safety Equipment From Crane & Lifting Services

Here at Crane & Lifting Services, we know how important it is to remain safe while working at height. Through our partner company A1 Height Safety, we are able to offer the installation of only the best in height and safety equipment. This includes both horizontal and vertical safety systems, as well as flat roof and walkway safety lines.


If you’d like to find out more about the services we provide, get in touch today.

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