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Importance Of Regular Crane Maintenance

Updated: Apr 11, 2023

With a wide range of applications in construction settings, consistent operations of cranes and lifting equipment are crucial to the smooth running of projects. This is a key reason why regular planned maintenance for your business’s cranes is a worthwhile investment. The frequency of crane inspections will differ depending on the usage throughout a project. Whereas monthly inspections are suitable when cranes are not frequently used, projects involving heavy crane use require more frequent inspections to ensure regulatory compliance and safe operation.

Read more for some further information on the importance of regular maintenance for cranes and heavy-duty lifting equipment.

Inspecting a crane

Crane Inspection Services

Ensuring that your cranes are regularly inspected is crucial from a range of safety and cost perspectives. In addition to ensuring that projects are carried out safely, regular inspections also mean that any issues are identified early on and can be resolved before they become more costly. A crane inspection involves a comprehensive range of tests and checks of parts of a crane including visual assessments of the gantry and testing of load-bearing components such as the crane hook. In addition to testing the function of the crane, inspection services can relate to the placement of the crane ensuring that it is in a stable and safe location.

Regular Maintenance

Considering the heavy loads lifted by cranes, regular maintenance is important. Some of the main regular maintenance that is carried out for cranes relates to the motor. Other maintenance steps involve making sure that the crane is aligned properly, checking that the hook is in good condition and that there is not any rusting on the chains. Overall regular comprehensive crane maintenance helps to ensure that functional and safety-critical components of a crane are kept in good condition improving outcomes on construction projects.

Emergency Repairs

In the event of a crane breaking down, efficient repairs are important to ensure that there are no costly delays in a project. An experienced specialist engineer will be able to carry out diagnostic checks on a crane to establish the most cost-effective repair. If your crane is presenting issues, getting in touch with a trusted crane service company providing 24/7 crane repairs is a good step in efficiently resolving any issues.

Get In Touch Today For Crane Inspections, Maintenance And Repairs

Our experienced and highly trained team at Crane & Lifting Services Ltd provide a range of crane inspection, maintenance and repair services throughout the UK. With engineers available to carry out repairs 24/7, contact us today for more information.

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