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Overhead Gantry Crane Training: Could your Business Benefit?

It goes without saying that it is in the best interest of any business or organisation for its employees to be fully trained for the job at hand. Regardless of industry, sufficient training and certification is beneficial for both employer and employee; it ensures that work is carried out safely, efficiently and to a high standard.

Of course, the importance of proper training is emphasised within industries that involve working in hazardous environments, such as manual trades. For those working in construction, specifically large-scale projects that rely on lifting machinery such as cranes, suitable training, qualifications and knowledge are absolutely essential.

As a business owner or project manager, ensuring that your workforce is properly trained is crucial for safety and insurance purposes. After all, if an untrained employee is injured, the consequences could be severe.

Here at Crane and Lifting Services, we offer comprehensive training covering the safe and efficient operation of overhead gantry cranes. Read on to discover the ways in which this industry-specific training could significantly benefit your workers and business.

overhead gantry crane

Upskilling Your Workforce

Firstly, and perhaps most obviously, investing in proper training will upskill your workforce. By investing in employee knowledge and their understanding of equipment, businesses are able to improve the quality and efficiency of their services. After all, individuals who are well-versed in the workings and operation of overhead gantry cranes are sure to experience increased productivity and efficiency on the job.

What’s more, ensuring that employees operating equipment such as gantry cranes are well trained will minimise the risk of accidents or malfunctions. Ultimately, this can increase the lifespan of the equipment and reduce expenditure on unnecessary repairs.

Improving Safety

In addition to the above, investing in proper training ensures the safe and controlled use of gantry cranes and equipment. As those working within the construction industry will know, projects that involve equipment at height are accompanied by a considerable number of risks. Avoiding such risks is dependent on workers being alert and possessing a thorough understanding of the equipment at hand.

Here at Crane and Lifting Services, our high-quality courses are designed to ensure that overhead crane operators are fully trained with the most up-to-date, industry-specific information. Our courses will minimise the chances of accidents occurring and ensure your workforce are proficient in the operation of equipment.

Regulation Compliance

Lastly, our overhead gantry crane training will ensure that your employees are all in possession of the correct certification and licences to comply with the necessary legislation. Our course is 100% LEEA-approved and will ensure that employees possess all the skills and knowledge required to operate the equipment.

Crane and Lifting Services

If you’re looking for a means of upskilling your workforce, improving efficiency and minimising risk,

don’t hesitate to get in touch and discuss our high-quality training courses with a member of our friendly team.

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