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The Benefits of Hiring a Cherry Picker

Cherry pickers can be extremely beneficial for a number of different jobs and tasks, from cleaning out gutters to putting up new signage. As a growing business or company, you may find yourself weighing up the pros and cons of hiring equipment instead of purchasing it. Purchasing necessary pieces of equipment can be costly, especially if you only require the equipment for certain jobs.

Below, we take a look at the four main benefits of hiring a cherry picker.

Hiring flexibility

When you choose to hire instead of buy, you have the freedom and flexibility to hire the cherry picker when you need. If you only require a cherry picker for a day’s worth of work, you can hire it for a full day. This will save you lots of money instead of buying one and paying for storage.

Work safely

When you hire a cherry picker from a reputable company, you can rest assured that the equipment has been inspected and well-maintained. This means you can begin to use the cherry picker right away without having to carry out any maintenance.

Hiring a cherry picker allows you to reach high up places safely. Ladders only provide limited access and are sometimes not safe for onsite work, whereas cherry pickers allow you to access high areas safely and easily.

Save time

Equipment hire companies can deliver the cherry picker you need to your premises and collect it from you again when you have finished with it. This means you can continue to get on with the job at hand without worrying about how you’re going to transport the cherry picker or remove it from your site.

Work efficiently

When you hire a cherry picker instead of using a ladder, you can complete the task at hand more efficiently. When using a ladder, you have to adjust it when changing position and move it around as you require. However, a cherry picker machine has a hydraulic lifting system which allows you to access several floors of a building with ease.

At Crane and Lifting Ltd, we offer a range of services including crane hire and sales. Simply get in touch with our experts today for more information.

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