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The Most Important Port Cities in The UK

As an ‘island nation’, Britain’s great success over the centuries has been largely down to the strength of our maritime trade and naval might. Without the numerous port cities that are dotted around the coast, our nation may never have grown into the proud one it is today. Here are some of the cities that helped grow our economy and standing in the world.

Bristol Bristol is one of the most famous port cities in the UK, with rich traditions in maritime trade and even piracy! The infamous Blackbeard himself is said to have been a Bristolian and was thought to visit Llandoger Trow - a pub on King St which dates from 1664 and is still open today. Aside from crime, Bristol has a long and proud shipping history. Liverpool During the 19th century, the city of Liverpool was at the epicentre of global maritime trade with Albert Dock playing a pivotal role. The city remained a crucial centre for the UK economy for many years and was devastated during the Blitz of World War Two. In more recent times, the Albert Dock area has been repurposed as a culture and leisure centre within the city. London Our capital city of London has always been central to the story of our nation and much of this was because of its role as a port city via the East India Dock, Millwall dock and the Royal Albert Dock to name a few. The Thames River became the lifeblood of trade in London and, by extension, England. Crane & Lifting: Professional Crane Installations Across The UK Whether you’re looking for installation, maintenance or repair services for your crane in the UK, Crane & Lifting can help. We have the experience to deal with a wide variety of cranes and can provide expert advice. To find out more, you can contact us today. We have offices located in Cardiff, Bristol, London, Swansea and Aylesbury. Our head office can be found at Crane & Lifting Services Ltd, Unit 7 Atlantic Point, Atlantic Trading Estate, Barry, CF63 3AA, you can call us on 01446 700 945 or email us at

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