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Unique Crane Installations Around The World

In more recent years, there’s been a growing trend of old industrial equipment and machinery being used as art. For example, the Museo Fabrica Imbabura in Atuntaqui, Ecuador has impressive statues which are crafted from old industrial parts which used to be intrinsic to the textile factory. Industrial machinery is also being reused and repurposed for a range of other uses. Crane installations across the globe are used for much more than lifting and transporting heavy goods. From providing entertainment, thrill-seeking and dining experiences, crane installations are being used in a variety of ways. Here, we take a look at some of the creative ways that crane installations are being used around the world.

Some of The World’s Impressive Crane Installations Crane 29, Bristol The four cargo cranes which line Bristol’s Princes Wharf in the old City Docks are an iconic distillation of the city’s former industrial glory. Stretching back for hundreds of years, Bristol has been a vital port for Britain. In the 50s, the docks were bustling and vital for the industry in the city - which is when these cranes would have been in constant use. These cranes ensured that ships could load and unload as quickly and efficiently as possible. Now, although they are no longer in constant use, they look like daunting and brutally impressive pieces of industrial art. Back in 2017, travel firm Canopy and Stars transformed one of the cranes - Crane 29 - into a ‘sensory glamping’ experience! The ‘treehouse’ was suspended high over the harbourside and attached to the cranes. Filled with plants, a shower, bed and a compost loo, the idea is to provide a serene bubble of calm right in the centre of the city. As well as this, a breakfast hamper was provided. Dinner In The Sky Originating in Belgium, ‘Dinner in The Sky’ is a novelty restaurant idea in which diners take to the skies via a crane to have their dinner. Now operating all across the world, and with some of the world’s most prestigious celebrities and even royalty, the concept is going global. Dinner in The Sky hoists guests up high above ground level and treats them to high-end food. The likes of Heston Blumenthal, Marc Veyrat, Alain Passard and many more have worked with the organisation to provide excellent food with wonderful views. The company has grown and now even provides ‘Meetings in The Sky’ and ‘Marriages in The Sky’ for their customers! Faralda Crane Hotel Mixing cranes with hospitality once again, Amsterdam’s Faralda Crane Hotel is a 5-star hotel which is billed as a ’once in a lifetime experience’ which you will either hate or love. Similarly to Crane 29 in Bristol, the Faralda Crane is an iconic piece of industrial equipment which harks back to Amerstdam’s industrial ship-building heritage. The hotel features three separate suites - Free Spirit, Secret and Mystique - which provide panoramic views of the whole of Amsterdam. At the top of the crane, guests can sit and relax in a jacuzzi. The company also run music and corporate events from the crane and use the space incredibly creatively. Pangea, Glastonbury Festival Originating as one of the very same cranes from Bristol’s Princes Wharf, Arcadia art collective’s latest installation Pangea became the focus of last year’s Glastonbury Festival. The Arcadia art collective are no strangers to mad ingenuity when it comes to festival stages. They are the creator’s of The Spider, The Reactor, Afterburner and The Bug which have all been used for festivals and other cultural events - like Bristol’s St Paul’s Carnival - across Britain and the rest of the world. Pangea is the latest; a gargantuan crane which spits fire and premiered in 2019 to great fanfare. The crane installation became the centre for all of the dance music at Glastonbury Festival and is set to remain there for four years. The team at Arcadia have shown that what may seem like a boring crane can be something spectacular. Samson & Goliath, Belfast Samson & Goliath are twin gantry cranes which are located on Queen’s Island in Belfast. The twin cranes completely dominate the skyline of the Northern Ireland capital and have become iconic for the city. These crane installations were built in the late 60s and early 70s and have since become hugely important and iconic for the city. These crane installations can lift as much as 840 tons of weight and were crucial for the shipbuilding industry in the city. The city loves Samson & Goliath so much that both of the cranes have since been protected and preserved for future generations to enjoy. As with many of the crane installations discussed in this blog so far, the industrial heritage of many docking cities is vital for the identity of the city and its inhabitants. Crane Bungee Jumps As well as providing fine-dining experiences and luxurious hotels, cranes are also excellent for thrill-seekers! There are many organisations which provide the opportunity to bungee jump for adrenaline junkies looking to hurl themselves off the highest thing possible. By using crane companies, thrill-seekers can now bungee jump whenever one is in town rather than having to travel potentially hundreds of miles across borders to get to a place where they can do it. Ancient Cranes Some of the most impressive crane installations of all time are actually the cranes that must have existed thousands of years ago. Technology has developed to a point now where we can erect huge buildings and structures in hardly any time at all. However, what’s even more impressive is the giant structures that our ancestors built. Structures like the Great Pyramid of Giza, Machu Picchu and Stone Henge. Although the crane and pulley systems used would have been basic, they would have taken a huge amount of cooperation and brute force from hundreds or thousands of builders at the same time. They might not have been technologically advanced, but they are still highly impressive. Crane & Lifting: Expert Crane Hire Services From a Reliable Crane Company If you require mobile crane hire services, look no further than Crane & Lifting. We’re experts in the industry. Whether you need a dockside crane, jib crane, overhead crane or any other type of crane, we can provide you with what you need! We’re one of the most well-known crane installation companies in South Wales and have years of experience helping countless clients with their projects. All of our engineers have been trained to the very highest level and, as such, are up to date with all of the latest technologies in the industry which means we can provide the very best crane repair services. As well as repair and hire services, we can also help you with expert insight into the crane industry so you can make the best decisions for whatever project you have at hand. We always endeavour to provide the very best customer experience for our clients as well as ensuring we only ever use the highest quality equipment. If you have been searching for crane installation services in South Wales, London, Bristol or Aylesbury, get in touch with us today. If you would like to find out more about our services, please do feel free to contact us. You can find us at our head office at Crane & Lifting Services Ltd, Unit 7 Atlantic Point, Atlantic Trading Estate, Barry, CF63 3AA. We also have offices in Swansea, Bristol, London and Aylesbury. Alternatively, call us on 01446 700 945 or email us at

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