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Using a Crane On Your Construction Project? Find Out Three Top Tips for Crane Safety

For so many construction projects, cranes are used to lift heavy loads from one area to another. Allowing us to move these heavy loads both horizontally and vertically, the importance of cranes should not be understated. Whilst cranes are extremely useful, they can also be extremely dangerous if you are not careful. The health and safety risks are somewhat endless when it comes to cranes because it often requires you to work from height and with very heavy loads. If you’re using a crane on your construction project and you’re wondering how you can be just that bit safer, then this is the blog for you.

From crane training to crane inspections, take a look at the guide from the experts at Crane and Lifting Services!

Safety harness

Crane Servicing

Something that should be at the top of your agenda when it comes to crane safety is regular servicing. If a crane was to malfunction then it’s not just the construction project that is in jeopardy, but the health and safety of your employees too. Receiving regular servicing gives you peace of mind that your crane is in working condition. When carrying out the servicing and crane inspection, they will take a look at the paperwork to see what maintenance and repairs have previously been carried out. They will also conduct performance testing, looking at aspects such as stability, response time and availability. Without this servicing, you cannot be sure that your crane is fit to use.

Crane Training

Another effective way of improving crane safety is by training your staff. Enlisting the help of a company to conduct crane training courses means that your staff will be well informed about how to use the cranes in a compliant and safe manner. By doing so, the likelihood of accidents is greatly reduced. After receiving the training, your crane operators will not only be able to understand the legal requirements of maintaining a crane but will also be able to carry out pre-checks to determine whether the equipment is safe to use.

PPE is Key

Personal protective equipment is used throughout the construction industry, and that’s no different when it comes to using a crane. Wearing hard hats, high-vis clothing, gloves and steel-cap boots are just some of the things that operators and staff should be aware of when a crane is being used. In the event of a crane malfunctioning or something going wrong, then PPE can go a long way to making your workplace a safer place.

Looking for crane training or servicing? Look no further than Crane and Lifting Services. Based in Cardiff, Bristol, Swansea and the surrounding areas, we’re a crane inspection company that is proud to boast over one hundred years of experience in all things crane repairs and installations. We understand how important it is to have a crane that complies with health and safety, which is why we provide thorough crane inspections and servicing that you can depend on. Get in touch with our team today!

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