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What is required for Safe Crane Operation?

Ensuring you’re working safely is important for everyone to consider when on the job. However, when you’re hundreds of feet off of the ground, working safely is taken to a whole new level. Crane operators are an essential part of the construction industry, allowing us to build bigger and better structures; the cranes they operate also have the ability to cause disastrous accidents if the proper safety precautions aren’t in place.

Crane operators take on a huge level of responsibility when they step into the cab, which is why they will always make sure to carry out the following checks to ensure that they’re working properly and safely.

Planning lifting operations

It goes without saying that planning for any eventuality ahead of time is the first priority for those looking to utilise a crane on their site. Not only are the cranes themselves considered at this stage, but the surrounding area and the potential risks that may arise.

By carrying out a comprehensive risk assessment, a team will have a keen understanding of the resources, responsibilities and procedures, meaning that everyone will be clued into what is required of them. This task is usually undertaken by the site supervisor, who will have the practical and theoretical knowledge to cover all bases.

Creating a method statement

Crane operators need to plan every lift their crane makes carefully, as one slip can lead to disaster. This is why it is common practice for operators to create ‘method statements’. These documents cover everything from the preparation of the site, maintenance and care requirements and the appropriate safety measures.

Thorough inspections

Inspections are one of the key components to using a crane safely and there are stringent regulations that force operators and supervisors to carry out a thorough examination at the prescribed intervals of operation.

These inspections should be recorded and, if the right conditions are not met, it is the responsibility of the operator to refuse to work until the situation is rectified. As examinations are a legal requirement, it is important that they are carried out by trained and accredited professionals.

Crane and Lifting Services Ltd: helping you to work safely

While cranes are hugely important to a range of industries, safety should always come first, which is why the team at Crane and Lifting Services Ltd offer comprehensive inspections and maintenance services for cranes throughout England and Wales.

Our highly trained team of cranes specialists have years of experience ensuring that cranes of all shapes and sizes are running both efficiently and safely. If you’re looking to invest in high quality crane, jib and hoist solutions, get in touch with one of our branches or visit our website to learn more.

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