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What Services Can A Crane Company Offer?

Updated: Aug 3, 2023

A crane company can offer a wide range of services to help with a variety of operations and projects. Whether infrastructure development or construction work, a crane company’s services will ensure everything runs smoothly and efficiently. Read on to find out more about the services a crane company can offer and how these can help you.

overhead gantry crane

A Range Of Crane Installations

First and foremost, as the name might suggest, a crane company can offer you a wide variety of crane installations and designs. A crane company such as Crane And Lifting Services Ltd supply countless models and specifications. These include single girders, double girders, underslung, heavy-duty, and dockside designs, as well as other heavy-duty crane components and spare parts.

A single girder crane solution which operates on a single bridge beam with a hoist connected to the lower flange. Whilst a double girder, which spans over two bridge breams with boists which travel over the top rail, is able to achieve a higher load capacity, both crane installations are space-effective lifting solutions. They are practical for projects and sites where headroom is limited.

Underslung cranes, on the other hand, operate on tracks which make up the building roof’s structure. By being connected to the roof, they clear up a helpful amount of floor space, useful for projects which need crew to be on the ground. Although they have a smaller load than other crane installations, underslung crane designs are space-efficient with their dimensions.

Heavy-duty crane installations, also referred to as Goliath and Semi-Goliath cranes, are large designs able to lift large loads over long distances. You might have seen these lifting solutions in shipping sites or by rail lines, as they can lift large loads over a particular distance. Dockside cranes are similarly able to lift large loads and perform specialised tasks but are fixed into the ground, unlike heavy-duty crane installations. They can achieve specialised tasks without taking up too much space, ideal for loading and unloading goods in the context of the shipping industry, for example.

Furthermore, crane companies can provide customisation options for crane installations to suit specific project requirements. They work closely with clients to understand their lifting needs and develop tailored solutions. This includes modifications in crane design, capacity, reach, and control systems to ensure optimal performance and efficiency.

Jib Cranes And Chain Hoists

Any good crane installation company should be able to meet a range of lifting tasks, however unique. The provision of jib cranes and chain hoists can help with this, as both can be used in smaller workspaces with greater versatility in how they complete tasks. They can be wall-mounted or floor-mounted, and can even be used in conjunction with larger overhead cranes too. Jib and hoist cranes also allow for greater rotation and wider slew angles, enabling greater flexibility without sacrificing any strength when undertaking lifting tasks in a smaller area.

Chain hoists can also help widen the variety of ease for different lifting requirements. Chain hoists are a chain mechanism which wraps around a drum that is fixed to a shaft which then turns gears to reel it completely in. This needs to be sturdy, robust, and manoeuvrable - as the entire crane relies on this mechanism to move heavy loads.

Any crane company worth their salt should offer this equipment as it can help meet the requirements for a range of projects, facilities, and lifting applications.

Load Testing

Load testing is a crucial service provided by crane companies to ensure the safe and reliable operation of lifting equipment. This involves subjecting cranes and their components to controlled loads that simulate real-world lifting conditions.

The importance of load testing rests on how it can verify the structural integrity and load-bearing capacity of the crane. It helps identify any weaknesses, defects, or abnormalities in the crane's components, such as the hoist, cables, hooks, and structural elements. By applying loads that approach or exceed the crane's maximum capacity, load testing ensures that the crane can perform within its rated limits without compromising safety.

Load testing is particularly important during the initial installation of a new crane or after significant modifications or repairs. It provides confidence that the crane can handle the expected loads and confirms that it meets industry standards and regulatory requirements. Additionally, it helps validate the accuracy of load monitoring and safety devices, ensuring their proper functioning during lifting operations.

In addition to its role in verifying the integrity and capacity of the crane, load testing significantly contributes to the overall safety of lifting applications. By subjecting the crane to simulated loads, load testing allows for the identification of any abnormal behaviour, excessive deflection, or unexpected movements that could compromise the stability and safety of the lifting operation. This proactive approach helps prevent accidents and catastrophic failures by addressing potential issues before they escalate.


An often overlooked feature of crane installations are how the cranes are operated. Whether a heavy-duty crane or a jib crane, all projects will need a skilled and qualified workforce to use them. Crane companies can often offer training courses for your team to get overhead crane licenses, ensuring everyone is fully compliant with PUWER (Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations) and LOLER (Lifting Operation and Lifting Equipment Regulations) legislation.

It is important to have a crane company provide this specialised training, as your workforce will receive the most up-to-date and industry-specific advice. An LEEA-approved course from Crane & Lifting Services Ltd will help a workforce understand the legal requirements in using and maintaining equipment, safe and effective crane use, as well as tips in how to calculate sling angles and safe working loads.

By having your team fully understand the legal requirements of how crane installations are used and maintained, you can improve the safety of your site with a reduced risk of accidents or harm. What’s more, as your workforce will fully understanding how to properly utilise crane installations, your project will function with improved efficiency and effectiveness.

Service and Maintenance

A crane company should not only offer installations but supply crane maintenance and services also. As with all equipment and tools, it needs to be working properly for a project to operate effectively. And with ongoing servicing, inspections, and repair works from a crane company, crane installations can function to the highest extent.

Due to the typically heavy loads carried, crane installations without proper maintenance or servicing and can be very dangerous. Not only will an accident cause high costs in damage, it could also lead to extreme injuries for your workforce. A safe, well-serviced crane installation will make work safer and potentially more economical, with a better public image for clients and employees alike.

With LOLER legislation meaning that crane installations must be guaranteed to be expected prior to operation, having well-maintained equipment is a legal essential. Further regulations necessitate regular examinations and testing of crane installations every 6-12 months, highlighting the importance of crane services.

At Crane & Lifting Services Ltd, we can help. Our team of friendly expert engineers can offer 24-hour crane repair callouts and comprehensive maintenance services. This can ensure your crane installations are safe, efficient, and entirely legal to use. We can inspect the crane, gantry, rope, oil level, and safety equipment (i.e. hook catches). Also, we offer brake adjustments, lubrication of the wire rope, load testing, and more. This LOLER-based examination will provide a wear report and completion of service report sheets with any defects listed, making the necessary repairs when suitable.

Crane & Lifting Services Ltd

If you want to learn more about a crane company which offers all (and more) of the above, get in touch with Crane & Lifting Services Ltd. With over a century (yes, a century!) of experience, we provide crane installation, maintenance, repairs, and testing services to help make your projects safe, efficient, and reliable. Beyond this, Crane & Lifting Services Ltd also provide operator training and load testing services to further ensure the safety of your lifting applications.

Based in Barry, Wales, we also have offices in Cardiff, Swansea, Bristol, Aylesbury, and London. This means that we have a wide coverage of the UK, so wherever your project might be based, we can ensure that safe, practical, and reliable lifting equipment is supplied.

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