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What To Expect From A Professional Crane Inspection

Heavy machinery has lightened the load for construction workers, where these tools excel at lifting, positioning and transporting bulky goods across a building site. In centuries past, manual labour was relied upon for construction, whereas today equipment such as cranes, excavators and trucks do much of the heavy lifting for us.

As such, it is vital that you take good care of your machinery, where regular maintenance can help to ensure that your tools remain in top condition and are safe to use. For crane operators, this will include regular crane inspections, where a professional will be able to search for any hidden issues so they can be resolved before they become a safety risk.

A professional in a safety jacket inspecting crane

Read on to find out more about what you can expect from a professional crane safety inspection.

Initial Survey

Your crane inspector will conduct an initial visual inspection of your equipment in order to check for any obvious issues. This will include looking out for signs of wear or corrosion, as these problems could endanger the safety of your team. A visual inspection will typically cover the crane structure as well as any additional components and attachments.

Operations Test

Another essential part of a crane inspection is operations testing, where the inspector will need to see the machinery in action. The crane’s lowering, hoisting and positioning mechanisms will be checked, where this part of the inspection will also include a measured load test to ensure that the crane can hold heavy loads safely.

Documentation Check

A crane inspector will also ask to see any documentation related to the equipment at hand, as this all needs to be present and correct. Documentation may include maintenance records, prior inspection reports and records of both major and minor repairs. Insurance paperwork may also be requested to ensure that everything is in order.

Safety Compliance

Crane inspections will focus throughout on safety, where any lapses in compliance could endanger the wellbeing of on site staff. Your inspector will note any safety violations and provide recommendations for how to amend these. Legal requirements also state that lifting equipment must be operated by trained personnel, where inspectors will ensure that operators are meeting these safety standards.

Crane & Lifting Services: Professional Crane Inspections For Your Site

We provide comprehensive crane safety inspections to ensure that your equipment is in good condition, where we can also offer load testing services and maintenance support. Get in touch with us today to find out more about crane servicing and inspections.

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