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When to Call Emergency Services for Your Crane

In most cases, crane repairs can be managed at leisure. If you have the time, it’s worth waiting to get your crane serviced, particularly if it’s a minor issue. However, sometimes it’s necessary to repair the crane immediately. How do you know if it’s urgent?

A Crane Collapses

You should never attempt to deal with a collapsed crane without expert help. This is an event that only trained professionals should attempt.

If there is a crane collapse, ensure no one is trapped or injured and then move everyone away from the area. The crane may be in a precarious position and could be unstable, which may cause further collapse if not dealt with correctly. Avoid having anyone in the immediate area to avoid injury. You should immediately call for help.

A Crane Piece Breaks

Most cranes are relatively simple machines, but they may end up with a damaged or broken component. This is why it is quite important that the operator visually inspect the crane before use. If any part of the machine is broken, it should not be used until an expert has come to inspect it.

Cracks, chips, and other types of damage must be dealt with rapidly, or they may cause a much larger issue, such as a crane collapse.

The Crane Stops Working

If the crane simply dies, it may not be a dangerous situation, but it will not allow you to continue working. In most situations, you’ll want to get the crane moving as soon as possible. This is particularly necessary if you are blocking traffic or have something suspended in mid-air. Contact an emergency technician to ensure the problem is resolved rapidly.

A Safety System Fails

There are a number of safety systems on the crane. These include warning lights, brakes, and more. If any of the systems fails, this could result in a dangerous situation, so you must stop working until the system is repaired. This may be done rather quickly by emergency crane repair services.

A Component is Incorrectly Installed

During the visual inspection, your operator may note that there is a twisted cable or an incorrect connection. If this is something you cannot adjust and fix yourself, you’ll need an emergency repair technician to handle the problem as soon as possible to avoid possible issues.

There are many reasons a crane may need repairs, but if it’s urgent or the situation is dangerous, you need emergency repairs.

Do you need emergency repairs on your crane? Contact Crane and Lifting now for a quote.

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