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Why Preventative Crane Maintenance Is So Important

Centuries of innovation have led to the development of the industrial crane, where these heavy-duty construction tools allow for building work to be carried out at impressive heights. Typically, cranes feature a boom, hoist and wires for lifting, where these parts work in cohesion so that weighty materials can be raised into the air.

This kind of lifting capability is essential for a range of building projects, where work can quickly grind to a halt if a crane falls into disrepair. As such, it is vital that these machines receive the correct attention and care to prevent serious breakdowns. Preventative maintenance involves a regular inspection and servicing of crane parts, where this is essential in order to keep these tools up and running.

A man testing a crane to ensure that it is working safely

Read on to find out more about why preventative maintenance is so important for ensuring your construction project is successful.

Minimise Downtime

Regular crane maintenance is essential for keeping downtime on your construction site to a minimum. Unexpected breakdowns could mean that your work grinds to a halt for long intervals, where this may mean you fail to meet important deadlines. Servicing your crane regularly means any problems can be resolved before they can cause major disruptions to your schedule.

Prioritise Safety

Preventative maintenance is also important for ensuring the safety of your workforce. If equipment is neglected, then this could be hazardous for on-site staff, especially if your crane malfunctions unexpectedly. Conducting regular maintenance checks can help to prevent potentially dangerous breakdowns, allowing you to preserve good safety standards across your site.

Reduce Costs

Conducting preventative maintenance is essential for managing costs on your construction site. Major crane repairs or replacements can be expensive, where regular servicing can allow you to fix problems quickly before they become more serious. This kind of care can also help to prolong the lifespan of your equipment, saving you money in the long run.

Crane & Lifting Services: Comprehensive Crane Maintenance 

We’re here to look after your lifting equipment with professional crane inspections and repair services. Whether you require brake adjustments, gantry surveys or in-depth crane testing, our expert team are on hand to help. We have an excellent eye for detail, where we can spot signs of wear as well as more serious problems with your equipment. 

Get in touch with us today to find out more about how we can help.

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