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Experienced crane engineers in Barry & beyond

To work with a team of professional, experienced crane engineers that you can trust, look no further than Crane & Lifting Services Ltd. We are proud to offer our customers a comprehensive range of services - from installations and overhead crane repair, all the way to intensive crane training - for clients throughout the UK.

With sites in Cardiff, Swansea, Bristol, London and Aylesbury, our highly skilled crane engineers are widely available for your crane and lifting equipment needs. We frequently install, maintain and repair all types of cranes, providing bespoke and innovative solutions every time. As part of our well-rounded service, we also supply single girder, double girder, underslung and dockside cranes, as well as heavy duty crane components and machinery.

From installations to intensive crane training

There are many types of cranes operating throughout the UK by different models and with various specifications. It’s our mission to be able to install and maintain all of them! The main types of cranes we regularly work on are:

  • Single girder design

  • Double girder design

  • Underslung design

  • Heavy duty designs

  • Dockside cranes

...and don’t overlook the importance of high-quality crane training.

Your team will require intensive, up-to-date crane training to operate our equipment safely and responsibly, and we’re here to help. We offer training for crane operators throughout the UK, with a team of experienced crane engineers on hand to share their knowledge.


Our training will allow the operative to use the overhead gantry crane and pendant in a safe and controlled way and be competent in slinging and rigging.

Gantry inspection services and surveys

Watch our video to learn more about our gantry inspection, survey, and installation services, and take a look at our crane engineers in action!

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Single and double crane designs

Where single girder cranes operate on one bridge beam with a hoist connected to the lower flange, double girder cranes span over two bridge beams and their hoists travel via rail over the top of these beams. Both types of overhead cranes are capable of lifting heavy loads, though the double girder crane has a higher load capacity.

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Underslung crane design

Underslung cranes run on tracks which form the building roof structure. They are generally used in larger span buildings or in applications where a clear floor space is critical.


This is because they have smaller dimensions than the other designs, although they also have a smaller load, so it’s a trade-off that ought to be considered carefully.

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Heavy duty crane design

The Goliath and Semi Goliath cranes are large, rail-mounted, floor-travelling units. With a sturdy design, these heavy-duty cranes can lift large loads over long distances.


These heavy duty cranes are commonly used in large shipping container bays and by rail lines, where extremely large loads need to be transported over a particular, but linear, distance.

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Dockside cranes

Dockside cranes are versatile pieces of heavy duty machinery that are capable of taking on specialised tasks, including loading and unloading goods. Although similar to heavy duty cranes in many ways, typically dockside cranes remain fixed to the ground.


Ideal for quickly and efficiently loading and unloading goods from docked ships, dockside cranes are typically seen lined up in a row. This is because, to their benefit, they are specially designed to be operated without taking up too much space.

dockside gantry crane
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[Crane & Lifting Services] engineers are polite and have all correct PPE and safe working practices in place before starting work. Excellent Health & Safety culture. A pleasure to work with.

Harvey Fletcher, Electrical Supervisor - Hanson Cement

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Spare parts and maintenance

Our vast range of spare parts means that we can install, repair and maintain almost any type of crane, we also stock a range of hoists ranging from 250Kg to 5000Kg.

We undertake regular training to ensure that our engineers are always up to date and compliant with the latest regulations and HSE legislation.

A wealth of experience with all makes and models of cranes helps us to offer an unrivalled service, with our experts teaching all of the necessary skills and legal knowledge required to safely operate a crane.

Communication throughout the repair process ensures we can offer solutions that work best for our clients. Get in touch if you are interested in our crane training programmes. or require expert installation and maintenance of crane systems.

We also carry out load testing services.

Service and maintenance
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Get in touch with our crane engineers

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