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Crane & lifting equipment load testing services

Protect your team with our reliable load testing services for cranes, delivered by our experienced crane engineers.

Safety is paramount in the lifting industry, which is why we offer proof load testing for worksites across the UK. From checking that your cranes are suitable for reuse, to making sure they can lift the loads required of them, we’re here to help you stay safe and compliant. The repercussions of faulty or failed equipment can be catastrophic, so crane testing isn’t just a good idea - it’s necessary. Get in touch to discuss your needs today.

Experienced in lifting equipment and crane load testing

It’s important to know the limits of cranes when they are installed, as they are responsible for lifting a lot of weight. This is where load testing and stress testing are invaluable. 


Crane load testing should only be carried out by experienced teams to make sure it’s completed properly and safely. After all, it isn’t only essential for protecting your worksite, but it’s a complicated procedure that requires skill, expertise, and an in-depth understanding of the relevant compliance standards and regulations.

The process involves applying a specified load to an item of equipment in order to assess and verify its strength. The results of the test will reveal the percentage of the working load limit (WLL) or safe working load (SWL) that the equipment in question has been designed to withstand.

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When do you need proof load testing?

There are many circumstances where load testing services are necessary, including the following:

  • As soon as an item of equipment has been manufactured

  • Once the equipment has been installed

  • After repair, modification or refurbishment of the equipment

  • Following an incident involving the equipment

  • Periodically to comply with British and European Standards

  • As part of a Thorough Examination performed by a competent person

An engineer load testing part of a crane

Meeting LOLER 1998, British and European Standards

Crane and Lifting Services uses our industry-leading crane engineers along with high-quality load testing lifting equipment to provide load testing, stress testing and lifting equipment load testing.


We conduct this specialised service for businesses all across the UK, so please get in touch with us to enquire.

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Book our load testing services today

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