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Cranes, Trains & Automobiles: Lifting Equipment In Media

Updated: Apr 3

Cranes have been used for thousands of years in various shapes and forms, generally used to lift and lower things around sites. While they are primarily used for this purpose, they have also frequently been used in the media for various other purposes. This ranges from epic set pieces in movies to dramatic sections of video games.


Here are some examples of cranes in various forms of media.

Inspecting a large crane

Point Blanc

The second novel in the Alex Rider series, Point Blanc was adapted into the first series of the Amazon Prime television adaptation. Alex, noticing a drug dealer outside school, chases after it. The owner lives on a boat, and Alex uses a crane to lift the barge up. He aims to place it in the car park of a nearby police station but instead smashes into a police conference meeting, and is subsequently arrested.

Casino Royale

Remember 2006? Lordi won Eurovision, the PS3 was released, Italy defeated France in the World Cup final and Daniel Craig first hit our screens as James Bond in Casino Royale. The film opened in style, with Bond heading to Madagascar on a mission to seek out a bomb maker. Part of the chase includes an impressive sequence based on a construction site, where Bond climbs cranes and scaffolding as explosions and gunfire echo around him.

The Last of Us Part II

Gamers were thrilled in 2020 when The Last of Us Part II was released, reuniting fans with Ellie and Joel. A big part of the game takes place in Seattle, where we follow a new character, Abby. As a way through the city, players are taken through a jaw-dropping sequence where Abby and companion Lev cross a construction crane attached between two large skyscrapers. Abby has a fear of heights, and the gameplay manages to capture the intensity and make you seem like you’re the one on the bridge.

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