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The Consequences Of A Damaged Crane

Cranes are an essential part of many projects, being used to transport materials around with ease around building sites where working at height is essential. As they are so essential, there are many consequences if a crane is damaged.


Here at Crane & Lifting Services, we have put together this short guide to some of the major consequences you might encounter if a crane is damaged, and why crane repairs, servicing and maintenance are essential.

Crane operative

Safety Risk

Having a damaged crane can be a big safety risk. It could cause a lot of damage to a construction site, as well as potentially injuring staff and even pedestrians who might be passing by. A damaged crane could lead to several problems, such as dropping a heavy load, swinging into a building and damaging it or trapping a worker at the top.

Someone Could Sue

Leading on from this, if a crane is used when it is potentially damaged, someone could sue you for endangering the safety of people and the project in general. It might seem obvious but a lawsuit can have very serious consequences on a project and a business in general, including loss of profits, losing the trust of clients and even potentially closing down if severe enough.

Cost Of Labour

A damaged crane can be a big hit on a project cost, including the cost of labour. Most of the time you will still have to pay workers for the day, even if the crane being damaged means that only a little work can actually be done. You will also put the project behind the desired timeline, and probably over budget paying for additional labour.

How To Prevent These Consequences

The best way of preventing these consequences is through regular maintenance and testing of your crane. This will ensure it is safe to use and there is little to no risk of an accident. You should also only use trained operators who understand all the safety precautions and know how to operate the crane properly without any risks.

Crane Repairs, Servicing & Maintenance From Experts

The consequences of a damaged crane can lose you time, money and even severely injure yourself and others. Work with the team at Crane & Lifting Services to get crane repairs, crane servicing and crane maintenance services from one of the biggest independent crane firms in the UK.


Our team consists of professional, dependable and compliant professionals who will go about their tasks in the most efficient way possible. This will ensure any repairs, servicing or maintenance will be accomplished as quickly as possible so you can get back to the job at hand.


So if you require crane services and training in Cardiff and throughout the UK, get in touch with Crane & Lifting Services today.

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