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Four Signs You Need Crane Servicing or Repairs

Cranes are a common sight at building and construction sites across the country and they’re a vital piece of equipment for those in the industry. Cranes are used to lift, lower and transport heavy materials and goods, so it’s essential that they remain safe to operate at all times.

It’s important to regularly review and inspect all construction equipment, to ensure that it’s both safe for workers to use and so that operations can carry on efficiently. With this in mind, if you notice any of the warning signs below, call a professional company to arrange crane servicing or repairs.


Rust is the most obvious visual sign of corrosion and its presence can also speed up the corrosion process. Don’t ignore signs of rust, even if it only covers a small area and doesn’t appear to be affecting the crane’s performance. Rust is often a sign of hidden corrosion problems, such as electrical shorts, loss of strength and weakened hoists.

Pad wear

Crane pads or mats are designed to support the outriggers and enable the smooth, stable movement of your machinery. Pads take the brunt of a crane’s weight and force, so it’s no surprise that they wear out faster than other components. If the crane’s movements aren’t as smooth or if your pads look worn and shiny, then it’s likely that they’ll need replacement.

Crushed chains

Cranes are designed to lift very heavy and large loads, but this means that it’s easy for chains to become crushed during transit. Chains should be regularly inspected for signs of crushing or broken chain links, as this can weaken the strength of the chain as a whole.

Bent or damaged hooks

You might be thinking, the hooks are already bent so what’s the issue? Crane hooks are bent at a certain angle to allow them to bear heavy loads, but this means that it’s easy for them to become bent in the wrong direction. Monitor hooks to make sure they’re not out of shape and keep an eye out for other signs of damage, like cracks.

If you’re in need of professional crane servicing, maintenance or repairs, get in touch with the experts at Crane and Lifting Services. Our independent crane examiners offer full inspections to identify any weak links in your equipment and any parts that need to be replaced. We also offer a 24 hour emergency crane repair service, so you can get back to work safely as soon as possible. For more information about our crane servicing and repairs, give us a call today or visit our website.

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