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Getting the Job Done - A Brief Intro to Jib Cranes

Updated: Apr 3

Regardless of what your lifting needs may be, you can bet that there will be a solution out there to suit them perfectly. From mobile and tower cranes to hoists - the solutions available are incredibly varied and effective.

A jib crane in a warehouse

One such solution is a jib crane. Often standing much smaller than your typical crane and used for more unique, smaller scale applications, they are still very much relied upon across a range of industrial sectors.

In this brief guide, we’ll introduce you to these nifty pieces of lifting equipment - you may even find that they’d be indispensable at your own workplace!

What is a Jib Crane?

A jib crane is a type of overhead lifting device that consists of a pillar-like mast with a single, horizontal boom (the arm of a crane). This does not move at a vertical angle, like other types of cranes, rather it simply rotates on the mast to allow horizontal movement.

In terms of their appearance, they almost look like one half of an overhead gantry crane - as if it’s been cut in half down the middle.

There is then a cable attached to a trolley, which can move along the length of the boom, thus allowing large items to be picked up and repositioned.

What Are They Used For?

In comparison to normal cranes, jib cranes are more limited in their movement and tend to be a lot smaller in size. However, this isn’t a bad thing - it makes them ideal for a range of applications.

Often used in workshops, industrial facilities and other smaller scale work areas, they are ideal for assisting with unique and repetitive lifting tasks. One of their most common applications is to be used for the repositioning of large and heavy loads within such locations.

With a capacity ranging from between 250lbs to 15 tonnes, this makes them ideal for improving safety and productivity in the workplace.

Another industry they’re commonly used in is the shipping industry, being ideal for loading and unloading cargo on and off ships or lorries. This is especially useful in areas where gantry cranes haven’t been installed or are not feasible to install.

Different Types of Jib Cranes

Not only are jib cranes their own division of cranes, but there are also different types of jib cranes.

These include:

  • Freestanding

  • Wall-mounted

  • Floor-mounted

  • Over-braced

  • Under-braces

Jib Crane Hire

Would a jib crane be beneficial to your work operations? If so, then look to us here at Crane and Lifting Services.

As well as offering jib cranes for hire, we also specialise in jib crane repairs, making us the go to crane company you can rely on to be your one point of call.

Get in touch with our experts today to discuss what we can do for you.

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